All systems are operational

Past Incidents


Regional Web Site: US (Americas) US Region Outage.

US Outage started approximately 1220 UTC 07/28/2022. Currently investigating and trying to bring systems back online.

  • Problem seemed to be related to the kernel update that got installed early this morning. Reverted to an earlier version, and system back online around 1250Z. Will continue to monitor the system more closely today.

  • 2022-05-18

    Slowness in EU and US regions

    We're experiencing database load issues on US and EU regions resulting in slowness on the Web interface. We've identified the problem and working to mitigate it. Estimated start time: 2100 UTC Resolved 0100 UTC. (things were actually, from the outside, working well enough earlier, but I'm marking it as truly "resolved" now at 0100).

    Database query issues were identified and we will work to fix them in the morning.

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